Best Men's Watches under 1000 rupees in India [2020]

Searching for the best men's watches under 1000 rupees in India? If yes, then here your search comes to an ultimate end. We will help you out in choosing the best men's watch that you can buy Best Men's Watches under 1000 rupees in India [2020] under 1000 rupees in India.
In this modern era, with thousands of new watches being released every year, choosing a perfect wearable has become non-other than a cumbersome task. So, stick till the end of the post to get an idea of the best men's watches that are out there in the market for under 1000 rupees.

Here's the list of best men's watches under 1000 rupees in India starting from 15.

Best Men's watches under 1000 rupees in India

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    15. Maxima Aqua-Sport Day-Date Grey Dial MEN -27816PPGW

    • This matte black coloured watch from the brand maxima gives you an upper edge in the game of casuals.
    • It comes with a premium lacquered deep grey dial.
    • It also features a calender(day, date) along with the 3-handed(hour, min, sec) analog display.
    • The black silicone strap not only complements the deep grey coloured dial, but also feels quite comfortable.
    • The electronic oscillator is powered by the classic quartz movement(that ensures the accurate display of the time).
    • The hook buckle clasp at the end of the silicone strap provides a secure grip over the wrist.
    • Hard plastic is used in the making of the case which has a diameter of 42.5 mm and a thickness of 13 mm.
    • The watch comes with a 1 year domestic warranty on all manufacturing defects.
    • It is water resistant upto a depth of 30 meters.
    • The white markings found on the bezels erase out within 3-4 months of regular usage.

    14. Sonata Analog Black Dial Men's Watch -NH7930PP02C

    • This watch from the superfibre collection of the reputed brand Sonata features a 3-handed black analog display.
    • It comes with a black rubbery band that is quite durable and can be used for a long time.
    • High grade plastic is used in the crafting of the 44.7 mm(diameter) round case. The watch weighs around 80 grams.
    • The lock mechanism used here is a buckle clasp that provides a comfortable grip over the wrist.
    • An acrylic glass covers the simple, but attractive black dial.
    • The 3-hands of the timepiece run on the power generated by the classic quartz movement.
    • It is accompanied by a warranty period of 1 year on all domestic orders.
    • It is water resistant upto a depth of 30 meters, can be used in heavy rains.
    • The watch is not suitable for men over the age 0f 30.

    13. Gully by Timex Hip-hop Analog Gold Dial Men's Watch-TWEG15019

    • This gully watch from Timex grabs everyone's attention due to its unique design.
    • It comes with a golden round dial along with a brown leather strap.
    • You can pair this watch along with a day or evening wear with ease.
    • The case material used here is brass, and has a diameter of about 47 mm. It has a thickness of 9.6 mm.
    • It weighs around 80 grams(lightweight).
    • The quartz movement powers the 3-hands of this classy watch.
    • The buckle clasp attached at the end of the strap ensures a proper fit over the wrist.
    • It comes with a  warranty of 1 year on all manufacturing defects.
    • It is water resistant upto a 30 meters, which is a pretty good thing.
    • It is slightly overpriced, otherwise its a good watch in this price bracket.(Tips- just wait for the sale).

    12. Skmei Digital Dial Men's 1251 Digital watch

    • The SKMEI Digital Dial Men's 1251 digital watch, with its rubbery strap, large dial plate and the Japanese movement, appeals to men, especially to those who prefer a young and sporty look.
    • It comes with a black dial color, round case shape, mineral type dial glass material.
    • The band colour is black and is made up of a rubbery material that gives a sturdy feel to the user. They are screwed up with the dial.
    • Featured  with a LED display, the watch provides various information such as time, week, month, date and alarm.
    • The electronic oscillator is regulated by the quartz crystal( which ensures precised timing).
    • It comes with a rubbery strap that gives a sturdy feel to the user as well as makes it flexible and durable.
    • The watch is water resistant upto 50 metres and can bear shocks.
    • It has four push buttons on the either side of the dial which catter different functionsalarm, light, stopwatch, etc).
    • It comes with a double hooked buckle clasp which provides a firm grip to the user.
    • It has a 6 month warranty on all manufacturing defects.
    • The viewing angle is narrow which makes the display sometimes less clear in sunlight.

    11. Skmei Analogue-Digital Military Green Strap Men's Watch - 1283

    Image Source-Google | Image
    • Skmei brings to you this watch which features a digital plus analog display along with a stylish design. It is adorned with English numerals as the hour and minute symbols across the dial.
    • This green coloured watch complements your overall personality when you wear it.
    • It has a round dial which is accompanied by military green coloured silicon strap. The hour, minute and second hands are spread across the dial.
    • It is well suited for both indoor and outdoor activities.
    • The watch also comes with a digital display at the center of the timepiece. This gives a distinctive, elegant and sleek style to this timepiece.
    • Its basically a multi-functional watch that shows you dual timezone, calendar day and date.
    • It is loaded with some special features such as alarmluminous back light, stopwatch.
    • The watch is water resistant upto 164ft/50m, you can wear it while swimming, washing hands and during showers.
    • The buckle clasp attached to the straps complements the overall look of the watch.It ensures that the watch fits comfortably on your wrist.
    • The flexible silicone strap also provides a firm grip over the wrist .
    • It has a classic quartz movement. This watch is powered by an electronic oscillator synchronized by quartz crystal(which ensures pecise and accurate timing).
    • It comes with a warranty perod of 6 months(on all manufacturing defects).
    • The luminous back light is not so bright.

    Now, we are heading towards the list of the best men's watches under 1000 rupees in India numbered from 10-6

    10. Sonata Essentials Analog White Dial Men's Watch-77083SM01

    • This watch from the Sonata's essential collection combines functionality with fashion and is the perfect example of classic beauty.
    • It features a silver coloured stainless steel metalliic strap.
    • The watch comes with a white round dial protected by the mineral glass.
    • It comes with a brass case with a diameter of 38 mm. It has a bandwidth of 20 mm.
    • The smooth and accurate movements of the 3-hands are powered by the quartz crystals.
    • It also provides the calender(day,date) feature.
    • Its pretty lightweight irrespective of its size.
    • It comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on all manufacturing defects.
    • It is also water resistant upto a depth of 30 meters.

    9. Fastrack Casual Analog White Dial Men's Watch -NK3116PP02

    • Fastrack presents you this white dial dial casual analog watch whose design is inspired by the speedometer.
    • It is visually appealing due to the stylish time markers and the white round dial.
    • The black silicone band along with the buckle clasp provides a proper fit over the wrist.
    • The 3-plain hands of the watch run on the accurate quartz movement.
    • It has a glamorous silvery clock face and is placed in a premium quality plastic case with a clear mineral glass display.
    • It comes with a case of diameter 5.5 cm and with a 3 cm wide band.
    • The watch is water resistant upto a depth of 30 meters.
    • It comes with a 6 months warranty on all manufacturing defects.

    8. Sonata Yuva Analog Black Small Dial Men's Watch -NK7924SL04

    • It comes from the Sonata's new yuva series of watches, that is basically designed designed for the young hearts.
    • This elegant watch features a stylish black coloured leather strap with red coloured parallel stichings on the boundaries.
    • Running on the quartz movements(for accurate timing), the 3-hands of the timepiece are designed so that the hours, minutes, seconds can't be confused from one another.
    • It has a black dial colour and is protected by a mineral glass display.
    • It comes with a case of diameter 30 mm. It weighs around 100 grams.
    • You can wear this watch with casuals as well as with formal attires.
    • This classy watch comes with a 1 year domestic warranty.
    • The watch is water resistant upto 30 meters.
    • It feels a little heavier than the normal watches.

    7. Maxima 36592CMGI Analog Watch - For Men

    Best Men's Watches under 1000 rupees in India
    Image Source- Google | Image by-

    • Its the best metallic(stainless steel) watch that is available in the market under 1000 rupees.
    • This black dial analog watch from the house Maxima is a perfect add on to your casual as well as formal attires.
    • It comes with a PVD coated metal(which makes it resistant to scratches), thus increasing its lifetime.
    • The high quality stainless steel band adds a touch of rich look to it.
    • It comes with a fold over clasp that ensure you a proper grip all day long.
    • The classic quartz mechanism keeps the running smoothly with precised timing.
    • The watch has a battery life of three years.
    • The round case shape has a diameter of about 40 mm.It weighs around 130 grams.
    • It has a clear analogue display with the 3-hands creating a contrast to ease the process of monitering the time.
    • It is resistant to water upto a depth of 30 meters.
    • The watch is accompanied by a 1 year domestic warranty.
    • The fold over clasp is not so good(its performance is average).

    6. Sonata Superfibre Digital Grey Dial Men's Watch -NK77033PP04

    • The criss-cross pattern that runs over the black strap provides a firm grip as well as adds to your overall look.
    • Its the best digital only watch that you can buy under 1000 rupees in India.
    • The watch has a greyish round dial which is protected by an acrylic covering.
    • This watch runs on the power generated by the classic quartz movement(that ensures accurate timing).
    • The built in special features such as green backlightalarmcalender and compass are more than enough to start a quick conversation.
    • It has a case diameter of 30 mm and weighs around 100 grams.
    • It comes with a 1 year domestic warranty on all manufacturing defects.
    • The alarm is loud enough to wake you up in the morning, even comparable with the G-shocks.
    • It is water resistant upto 30 meters, can be used in heavy rains.
    • The only con that we find in this watch is the stiff(hard) strap. But, it gets removed after a week of usage.

    Now, we are are left with the top 5 of best men's watches under 1000 rupees in India.

    5. Fastrack Casual Analog White Dial Men's Watch -NJ3114PP01C

    • This watch from the reputed brand fastrack features a white round dial along with a stylish black case(that is made out of a highly durable plastic).
    • The time indicators denoted by the Arabic numerals on the edge of the dial make time-keeping an easy experience.
    • The black bands of the watch are made out of silicone material and provide optimum durability.
    • It easily pairs up with any attire and adds an awesome taste to your look.
    • The 3-black hands of the watch create a contrast against the white dial.
    • The electronic oscillator is powered by the quartz crystals.
    • This watch is water resistant up to 30 meters. It saves your watch from getting damaged in case of contact with water.
    • It is accompanied by a 12 months warranty on all manufacturing defects.
    • The simple buckle closure of the watch helps it to fit perfectly around your wrist.
    • The quality of the straps is not that good.

    4. Timex Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch-TW00ZR262E

    • This handsome from Timex, features a blue dial colour and a round case shape.
    • The combination of the blue dial and the brown strap makes it truly professional.
    • It comes with a brass case of diameter 40 mm and has a case thickness of 8.8 mm.
    • It has an analog display covered by a mineral crystal material.
    • The brown leather strap has a buckle clasp at its end to ensure a secure grip over the wrist. It has a band width of 20 mm.
    • This watch increases your fashion level in both casual and in formal attires. Its pretty lightweight(around 52 grams).
    • This watch is powered by the classic quartz movement that gives an error free timing.
    • It is water resistant upto a depth of 30 meters.
    • The watch comes with a 1 year domestic warranty.
    • The leather strap is average in quality.

    3. Fastrack 38024PP25 Minimalists Analog Watch - For Men 

    Best Men's Watches under 1000 rupees in India
    Image Source- Google | Image by-
    • As the name suggests, this watch stuns everyone with its minimalist looks. The watch is pretty simple, but, its effective.
    • The watch features a highly durable silicone strap and has a stainless steel back cover. It has a matte finish and is pretty stylish.
    • The smooth and accurate movement of the watch is a byproduct of the classic quart movement.
    • It comes with a black dial colour and is covered by an acrylic glass material.
    • The lock mechanism here used is the buckle clasp, that ensures a firm grip over the wrist.
    • It can be considered as the best alternative to the Fastrack tees analog watch.
    • High-grade plastic is used in making the case which is 14.5 mm thick and has a case length of 49 mm.
    • The watch is suitable for both casual and professional occassion.
    • It is water resistant upto 30 meters, can be used during swimmimng.
    • The watch comes with a 6 months warranty on the movement and 12 months warranty on the battery of the watch from the date of purchase.
    • The size of the dial is too big, not suitable for thin wrists.

    2. Fastrack Essentials Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch -NJ9333PP01C

    Best Men's Watches under 1000 rupees in India
    Image Source- Google | Image
    • The watch is crafted from a premium quality plastic.
    • It comes with silvery round dial with 3-plains hands, stick indicators and arabic numericals to ease the reading process.
    • The dial is protected under an acrylic glass covering.
    • It is powered by the high quality quartz crystals.
    • Mending your watch in case of any damage is posssible here, cause it is accompanied with a 1 year manufacturer warranty and 6 months warranty on the battery.
    • The combination of the silver and black gives it an attractive look.
    • The black synthetic strap comes with a buckle clasp which gives a secure grip over your wrist.
    • It has a 22 mm wide band, a case of diameter 55 mm and weighs around 90 grams.
    • It is resistant to water upto a height of 50 meters.
    • The radium used in the 3-hands(hour, min, sec) is not the best of the quality.

    1. Fastrack NG38003PP05C Tees Analog Watch - For Men

    Best Men's Watches under 1000 rupees in India
    Image Source- Google | Image by-
    • It is the best analog watch that you can buy under 1000 rupees in India.
    • This unisex watch from the fastrack's tees series combines simple functionality with the modern day style.
    • It captures the very essence of your spirited youth with its simple and elegant design , and also with its pocket friendly approach.
    • The watch has a black round dial with dashes of flammimg red all surrounded by a hard plastic case.
    • The red indices with baton markers at five-minute intervals and Arabic numeral markers at 15-minute intervals provide a rich and classy look to your overall outfit.
    • Made of high grade plastic, the black strap comes with a buckle clasp that ensures a proper fit on your wrist.
    • It comes with a stainless steel back cover.
    • The electronic oscillator is powered by a quartz crystal, therefore the three hands have a smooth and accurate movement.
    • The highly durable silicone strap provides a firm grip to the user.
    • The FASTRACK NG38003PP05C tees analog watch is protected by an acrylic glass to prevent the scratches produced by everyday uses.
    • It comes with a warranty period of 6 months for the movement, along with a 12 months warranty on battery from the date of purchase.
    • The fastrack NG38003PP05C tees analog unisex watch is water resistant upto 30 metres/3 ATM and can be used during swimming.
    • Its pretty lightweight, feels as if you are wearing nothing.

    This sums up our list of the best men's watches under 1000 rupees in India. We hope that we helped you out in picking the perfect wearable. You can get this watches from the nearest brand outlets or you can visit the links given above.
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