Best Smartwatch under 1000 rupees in India (2020)

Hello visitor, seems like you are looking for the best smartwatch under 1000 rupees in India. If yes, then you are at the right place. There are a lot of smartwatches that are available in the market under 1000 rupees, but all are not that good when it comes to the value they provide for your money. So, to help you out we introduce to you our handpicked edition of the top 4 best smartwatches under 1000 rupees that you can buy in India.

Best Smartwatch under 1000 rupees in India

    If you are on a low budget( under 1000 rupees), then these budget smartwatches are the go-to-option. Shop from the links given below the products to get the best deals.
    Just have a look at the entire post to get an idea of the best smartwatches under 1000 rupees in India.

    4. NEELTEX A1 Smartwatch- Black

    Best Smartwatch under 1000 rupees in India (2020)
    • This all black watch from NEELTEX runs on the bluetooth version (3.0).
    • It has an average battery life of 24 hours( varies according to the usage) and a standby time of 3 days.
    • It is compatible with devices based on both IOS( above 8.0) and Android( 4.3 and above).
    • It just supports the GSM 2G network SIM card which is the only con.
    • It features a 1.54"(inches) IPS LCD display, with a 2.5D radian capacitive touchscreen for a better experience.
    • The smartwatch is resistant to splashes of water, but not suitable for heavy rains.
    • You can control the music through your phone( using bluetooth). Also you can play the music directly from the SD card.
    • Its loaded with features such as hands free bluetooth phone call, phone book, etc.
    • The in-built sleep monitor tracks and analyzes the data of your sleep.
    • It comes with 3-clock faces which you can change by tapping on the screen.
    • With the help of the in-built speaker, microscope you can get notified about the texts, emails without reaching for your phone. Also you can make and receive calls.
    • The pedometer counts the number of steps. But, it is not that accurate.
    • Features like calculator, camera( 0.3MP), alarm clock, calender, sound recorder, image viewer makes it good option, if you are on a loe budget.
    • It is accompanied by a 10 days return and replacement policy( on all manufacturing defects).

    3. PIQANCY DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch (Gold)

    Best Smartwatch under 1000 rupees in India (2020)
    • This golden watch from PIQANCY features a rectangular dial along with a brown silicone strap.
    • It has a 1.63" big display with 240X240 pixel resolution.
    • It comes with a 2MP primary camera which is pretty good in this price range. Also the camera has some in-built special effect settings.
    • It offers a 6hr stand by time and a 6hr talktime when charged for 30 mins.
    • It is equipped with bluetooth version (3.0).
    • The sales package contains the smartwatch, a USB cable, a manual guide.
    • The watch comes with a 512MB RAM and supports an internal storage which is expandable upto 32 GB( using SD card).
    • It features a ultra HD touchscreen display.
    • The anti-lost feature in the watch is quite helpful in case you are csearching for the phone or smartwatch.
    • You can insert a SIM(2G, 3G, 4G) in this watch and use it as a watchphone to accept/reject calls.
    • Other features that it includes are audio player, sound recorder, calculator, etc.
    • It is pretty lightweight( weighs around 75 grams).

    2. WELLTECH Y1s Black Smartwatch

    Best Smartwatch under 1000 rupees in India (2020)
    • WELLTECH brings to you this watch which features a 1.54" IPS LCD display.
    • It has a display resolution of 320X320 pixel, which is scratch resistant .
    • The watch comes with a 1.9MP primary camera.
    • It is compatible with both Android and IOS devices.
    • It gives a 8 hr standby time and a 4 hr talktime upon 20 mins of charging. And it has battery life of 2 years.
    • This watch has a 512MB RAM and can be exapndable upto 32GB of memory(using SD card).
    • It can be made a watch phone using a 2G/3G/4G SIM card.
    • Other functions that it includes are sleep trackeremailsmessaging, remote control dial call, etc.
    • It also supports MP4 video format along with MP3 audio .
    • It also comes with the calorie and steps counter .
    • It has several sets of clock display, so that you have options to choose .
    • The 2 way anti-lost feature helps to the phone using the smart watch and vice versa.
    • To use the features such as image viewer, sound recorder, audio player you have to insert the SD card.
    • Features like compass, calendar, alarm clock and stop watch are also there.
    • The notification type that is used in the watch is ringer + vibration.
    • It also supports hands free calling, call recording, bluetooth phone calling, etc.
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    1. CELESTECH V8 phone Smartwatch

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    • This handsome from CELESTECH is the best smartwatch under 1000 rupees that you can buy in India.
    • It comes with a 240X240 pixel resolution best in class TFT LED display.
    • The display size is about 1.50"(inches) and in addition to this it is scratch resistant.
    • The smartwatch comes a 512MB RAM and the storage can be expanded upto 32 GB( using SD card).
    • Just insert a SIM card into the watch and enjoy some features of phone.
    • It has a high quality microphone, speaker and trumpet, so by using this you can talk, and even receive and answer messages.
    • It is compatible with the Android and IOS devices, it is equipped with bluetooth version (4.2).
    • The package comes with the smartwatch, a USB cable, a manula guide.
    • Accidental water splashes are never going to hurt you, cause it is water resistant upto 10 meters.
    • It offers 240 hrs of standby time and 120hrs of talktime upon 90 mins of charging.
    • It comes with a 15-days replacement warranty in case you receive a defected piece( manufacturing defects).
    • You can play the music by connecting it with the phone(using the bluetooth) or by directly using the SD card.
    • It has a built in gesture control- to wake up the watch just raise your hand.
    • The two way anti-lost feature helps you to find your phone using the watch or to find the smartwatch using the phone.
    • It comes with 0.3MP camera to click pictures when time needs.
    • It has two clock-faces, one is digital and the other one in analog.
    • It is also accompanied by some other features such as calculator, stopwatch, alarm clock, etc.

    With this we end our list of the best smartwatch under 1000 rupees in India. The above mentioned watches are loaded with features that are difficult to find in other watches in this price range.
    We hope that we helped you out in selecting the perfect smartwatch. The availability of this smartwatches vary from time to time, so we suggest you to buy them as soon as possible. If you liked our post- "Best Smartwatch under 1000 rupees in India", then please don't forget to share it with your near and dear ones.

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